Grief presents itself differently to everyone. Its complexity and mystery can manifest is unpredictable ways. I wanted to explore grief as a concept to uncover my behavioral patterns that occur when experiencing loss. I observed my past self to identify the phases I went through while grieving.

Phase 1: Isolation
When the initial impact of loss occurs there is a sense of shock and unacceptance. At first, I would just continue going through the motions of what was, eventually leading to a realization of the change that has occurred. When the realization begins so does the Isolation. Withdrawing from people and routine to protect self from experiencing the pain of the loss is what initiated the introduction to my newest version of life. 

Phase 2: Process
Once I was ready to adapt to my new life there are still equal parts of pain and optimism. Accepting the pain as permanent, I decided I was ready to rejoin to world that was moving with or without me. My curiosity for what was to come next became instrumental to generating the deep desire to create.

Phase 3: Motion
The primal need to contribute an belong guided me back to what I needed to do. Through my new found acceptance of Grief I was able to use the emotion as a medium. Becoming acquainted with grief gifted me the ability to create with more depth and understanding.